Membership benefits

Regular club games

Play six days a week in regularly scheduled games. Most games are “jitneys,” so you don’t need to commit to playing in advance. Just show up a few minutes before the games start.

Tournament play

Our competitive in-club tournaments are open to all Cosburn members and, as an OLBA member, you can enter outside tournaments at other clubs. Tournaments are an effective way to improve your skills and meet other bowlers. You’ll have fun playing your friends, and there are great prizes to be won.

Special events

Join us for holiday jitneys and potlucks, Canada Day parade viewing, Sundae Monday, pizza nights, and many other events. We also celebrate with the end-of-season President’s Dinner.

Skills development

Club coaches are available to help if you’re having a problem with your delivery, want to learn some new practice drills, or just need some advice about tournament strategy. We also offer special coaching workshops to improve your skills.

Volunteer opportunities

Like any not-for-profit organization, the club always needs volunteers. Even if you can only spare a few hours now and then, volunteering is a fun way to stay active in your community and help the sport of lawn bowls grow. Your skills are valuable; put them to good use at Cosburn.

OLBA membership

Every Cosburn member is also a full member of the Ontario Lawn Bowling Association, the body that regulates and promotes the sport of lawn bowling in Ontario. You can play in OLBA tournaments across the GTA and the province. You’ll also be welcomed as a guest bowler at other OLBA clubs.

2 ways to become a member


Joining Cosburn online is fast and easy; along with a full season of bowling, you’ll have access to great member-only content on our website. Pay online with your credit card or pay with cash or cheque at the club

Speed and convenience for the modern bowler!


Pay with cash or cheque at the club

Old-school tradition for the hipster set!

Membership fees

All you need are flat-soled shoes

“As we speak there are at least a half-dozen eligible men who are lawn-bowling outside,” her sister said crisply. “And playing games with them is far more productive than reading by yourself.”

—Lisa Kleypas, Scandal in Spring