Book a spot for our special Civic Holiday jitneys

Monday August 2, 10 pm and 1 pm

Wear black and white stripes, dots, checks, florals…or solids 

$2 to play one or two games.

Game 1. All bowls within three feet of the jack count for team points. 
Game 2. Score 4-3-2-1 in triples or pairs.

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Games at the club are set for a 2-hour duration.

Cosburn members can currently play singles, pairs, or triples games.

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Riverdale Curling Club & Toronto Rainbowlers
Lawn Bowling Summer Social

Sunday August 22, 1 pm
Cosburn Park Lawn Bowling Club


Space is limited. Click below to book your spot today!

The afternoon will include a workshop for curlers who are still virgin lawnbowlers, a fun game with mixed ability teams, and, of course a theme: Summer Olympic Opulence! So come dressed in your most athletic, patriotic Olympic wear. There will be silly prizes, bevvies, and snacks, and we’ll be dropping by Sophie’s for post-game analysis.

How has bowling at Cosburn changed at the start of 2021?

Members must book a rink in advance. You can’t just show up to bowl, even if the club is not busy.

  1. Only current members who have signed the OLBA waiver may use a rink.
  2. You may book a rink for practise on your own or a game with other players. No more than six players per rink.
  3. Members may not bring guests to the club at this time.
  4. No non-member spectators.
  5. Bring a mask to wear in the common areas of the club.

When you arrive at the club, you’ll have to check in, which includes agreeing to the COVID-19 Declaration. You’ll find many other changes at the club, all intended to keep our members safe and healthy.

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