It appeared in the club on Tuesday evening, an elegant French dessert where buttered raisin bread is the usual sweet treat. Who built this tower of filled creampuffs, mortared with golden caramel and swaddled in spun sugar? Could this elimination challenge of reality TV baking shows have been constructed by the woman known only as Glynnis, who appeared to take credit in photos leaked to the press? Had Bonnie Hibbs abandoned scones for choux pastry and sugar work?

Bowling Matters Online has learned from sources high in the Cosburn organization that the croquembouche was acquired by two members, M. Michel Mogan and his accomplice Jocelyn. The pair were riding the Toronto Métro when two naïve George Brown culinary students sat down nearby, each with a packaged croquembouche. Ever charming, M. Mogan engaged the students in banter, discovering they had made the desserts in class. He offered an extraordinary price for one, the student accepted, and the croquembouche arrived at the club to the rapacious delight of all who severed off a creampuff or two.

At publication time, no efforts had been made to break off a piece of the peanut brittle base.

Could this woman, attempting to hide her identity, have left a fancy French dessert in the club for Tuesday night bowlers? Sources deny she had anything to do with the puzzling pastry.

A croquembouche in original form, before lawn bowlers attack.


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