If you joined Toronto Rainbowlers for the 2019 season, log in here to update your password, privacy settings, club roster profile, or contact information.

Members renewing for 2020 have some new options. Because our season is shorter this year, we’ve discounted our regular membership and are offering a new short-term rate.

  1. You can pay $85 (plus $15 if you rent club bowls) for the entire 2020 season.
  2. Or, you can pay $40 for the rest of June and July (plus $5 for club bowls). At the end of July you can renew for August, and then again for September and October—at $40 for each session. Our goal is to give everyone complete flexibility to join for whatever time period works for you. To choose this special membership plan, choose “Upgrade or change options” below.

The full-season rate and short-term rate are non-refundable.


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