We’re having an election

Every year Cosburn members have an opportunity to vote for members of the club’s Board of Management. The elections will be held on Thanksgiving Monday, the final day of the season (Oct. 11, 2021). Nominations close a week before the elections.

COVID-19 is affecting our election timing and process. This year, Cosburn will implement a secure online voting option along with traditional in-person voting. We’ll email voting details and instructions to current members.

    1. The positions that are up for election
    2. What each board member does
    3. Nomination form
    4. Who’s eligible to vote
    5. Proxy voting policy

1. Board Positions open for election

At the end of each season, members vote to fill vacant board positions for the following season. Executive positions are for a two-year term. This year, all executive positions on the Board of Management are open for election:

  • President
  • Vice-President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer


There are eight chair positions on the Board of Management:

  • Coaching
  • Communications
  • Competition (Tournaments)
  • Games
  • Premises
  • Social
  • Special Events 
  • Sponsorship & Development

Chairs are elected for a one-year term and may stand for re-election without a term limit. All the chair positions are open for election.

2. Guidelines and job descriptions for board positions

Curious about what board members do? Whether you’re planning to run or just want background to help make an informed voting decision, these general guidelines give an outline of each position.

Executive positions

  • The President shall preside at all meetings of the club and faithfully conduct such business as may be in the best interest of the club.
  • Provide leadership to the Club by being an ex-officio member of all committees and acting as the Club’s official host.
  • Conduct all business in conformity with the Constitution and By-Laws of the Club.
  • Develop and maintain relationships with Club sponsors and local politicians with the view to ensuring Club prosperity.
  • Liaise with the City of Toronto.
  • Sign all documents which require such signature.
  • Conduct a vote of the Executive Committee by conference call or e-mail or any electronic means on any matter when the President deems such a vote necessary due to an urgent situation.
Vice President
  • The Vice President shall preside any CPLBC Executive meeting or any other meeting called on behalf of the membership in the absence of the President.
  • During any absence of the President, the Vice President shall discharge all duties of the President.
  • The Vice President shall sign any such documents as required.
  • The Vice President shall chair the House and Property Committee. The duty of the House and Property Committee is the proper maintenance of the club house, equipment sheds and grounds (except the greens), in order to enhance the club’s appearance and image for the enjoyment of its members and prospective new bowlers and visitors. This committee is expected to recruit assistants as needed to fulfill its function.
  • Organize the spring cleanup in late April.
  • Set up required table and chairs for tournaments and special events and arrange for the tidying up of the Club afterwards as well as for the removal of the garbage from the Club.
  • Coordinate the activities of the Club on occasions like Victoria Day, Canada Day, Simcoe Day, Labour Day and the President’s party as well as in-club bowling trophy presentations.
  • It is expected that a minimum of 3 Club members will form this committee and specific duties will be assigned to each of them.
  • The Treasurer shall ensure that an accurate record of all monies received and disbursed by CPLBC is kept.
  • The club funds shall be deposited in a Chartered Bank in the name of Cosburn Park Lawn Bowling Club.
  • The Treasurer shall prepare the annual financial statements of the Club for approval by the auditors and present them at the Spring General Meeting for approval by the membership.
  • The Treasurer shall keep records of membership (new and returning), OLBA stickers and new member packages.
  • The Treasurer shall be allowed to purchase supplies out of the Petty Cash Allowance, which shall be provided by the Board.
  • The Treasurer shall ensure that the disbursement of funds and payment of bills, as authorized by the Executive Committee, is completed and that said disbursements shall be by cheque, signed by the Treasurer or signed by such two (2) officers as may be authorized by resolution of the Association.
  • With the cooperation of the Executive, the Treasurer shall prepare the annual operating budget. This will include recommendations concerning the membership fee structure required for the continuing financial well-being of the Club. The budget must be approved by the Executive prior to being presented to the membership for ratification at the Fall Annual General Meeting.
  • The Treasurer shall deliver up to his successor, upon the appointment thereof, all books of account and records of the club in his possession.
  • The Secretary shall keep a true and accurate record of all meetings, promptly reply to all correspondence, and such other business as may be entrusted to the office.
  • The Secretary shall be allowed to purchase supplies out of the Petty Cash Allowance, which shall be provided by the Treasurer.
  • The Secretary shall review any minutes of meetings not personally recorded by him/her and have all minutes issued to the Board of Management within reasonable time.
  • The Secretary shall retain custody of all official records of the Club except the financial ones.
  • The Secretary shall prepare and process all correspondence pertaining to the general operations of the Club.
  • The Secretary shall give out due notice to all members of any special meeting.
  • The Secretary shall prepare, with the help of the President, and distribute an agenda prior to all General and Executive meetings.
  • The Secretary shall deliver up to his/her successor, upon the appointment thereof, all minutes and records.

Board of Management positions


• Arrange Coaching clinics, seminars, etc: prepare coaching schedule and display it at the Club; contact new members regarding available coaching sessions; provide encouragement to new members to participate in club activities; arrange coaching clinics for more advanced members who want to improve their skills and knowledge i.e. vice and skip responsibilities

• Monitor progression of novice bowlers

• Keep coaches updated on new coaching techniques

• Monitor new coaches

• Chair the Club Rating Board Meeting to assign player level promotions (lead, vice and skip)


The Communications Chair produces and manages communications from the club to the members, the public, and the media, using the website, Bowling Matters, social media, email and print. The Communications Chair works closely with the Secretary, the Special Events Chair, and the Tournament Chair. As with all committee chairs, the Communications Chair reports to the Board of Management.


Increase member engagement and member retention. Raise the club’s profile among the public and in the media.


  • Work with Bowling Matters editorial team to develop story ideas and produce the newsletter.
  • Develop and maintain cosburnbowls.ca, including the member registration software.
  • Working with the Secretary, Treasurer, and Tournaments Chair, keep member and tournament registration updated and operating smoothly.
  • Working with the Secretary, write and format member emails as needed.


  • Writing, editing, and design skills.
  • Web skills, including familiarity with WordPress and Mailchimp.
  • Marketing skills.


  • Jan.–May: Update website for coming season. Plan and execute member recruitment promotions.
  • May–Oct: Promote tournaments and special events as needed. Maintain website. Write, format, and send member emails. 
Competition (Tournaments)
  • Coordinate the running of competitive tournament (both outside and in-club), as agreed by the Board of Management, with focus on the day of the tournament (registering, scoring, awarding of prizes).
  • Liaise with Communications Chair to set up on-line registration.
  • Liaise with other Board members regarding day-of duties (i.e. Social, Premises, Sponsorship).
  • Schedule drawmasters (if required) to help facilitate the running of tournaments.
  • Appoints Committee consisting of:
    • Club representative for the OLBA and the Club representative for District meetings
    • Convenors for other tournaments as required
  • Attends the scheduling meeting of District 10 when tournament dates are set.
  • Reviews all entries for tournaments and recruits bowlers if necessary.
  • Schedule club games for the season and organize drawmasters for each Club Night, Saturday and Holiday games

  • Run all in-club Jitneys

  • Organize teams for the East York Challenge (liaising with Leaside)

  • Run in-club Singles and Doubles competitions

  • Organize and run the September in-club triples tournament

  • Maintain scoring statistics, as required, from the night “Club Games” for subsequent awards recognition

  • As necessary, appoint a Club member(s) to assist in above duties

  • Liaise with the Greenskeeper (responsible for the general upkeep of the greens and the equipment), the City of Toronto Greens Dep’t in order to ensure that all tasks are performed to a satisfactory standard and that the greens are maintained at playable levels, and City of Toronto Facilities and Real Estate (F.R.E.D.) to ensure that the facility (building and grounds) are properly maintained.

  • Ensure Green use is rotated: advise the direction of use of Green and rink allocations (except for tournament play); change rink number positions daily.

  • Ensure the ditches are clean and the ditch boards are well maintained (includes the numbers and painting the backboard indicators, when necessary).

  • Maintenance of Club, both indoors (the Club House i.e. ordering required washroom supplies) and outdoors (equipment shed and grounds excluding the greens i.e. organize the Spring cleanup in late April and arrange for upkeep of areas around the greens), in order to enhance the Club’s appearance and image for the enjoyment of all.

  • Maintenance of machinery and equipment and arrange Greens’ supplies as needed i.e. order and take delivery of sand for winter maintenance of the Greens.

  • Co-ordinate the preparation of the grounds and clubhouse for special events and tournaments, as required.

  • Arrange for garbage removal and placement of recycling bin for pickup.

  • Advise the Board and Members if any Premises related hazards or conditions are identified that could jeopardize the safety of the Members or the quality of play on the Greens.

  • Above items to be done as required by forming sub-committees, appointing individuals (inside or outside the Club) or taking other measures to ensure premises are maintained.

  • Prepare volunteer schedule for events and ensure that the necessary number of volunteers have signed up to meet the needs for event (including food requirements).

  • Provide and arrange for refreshments to be served at Opening Day, tournaments, fun days, jitneys and general meetings.

  • Recruit required committee members to assist in the preparation of various Club social events.

  • Procure all necessary consumables for the kitchen on a bulk purchase basis, where possible, to meet the needs of club events, including plates, napkins, coffee, sugar, milk & paper towels.

  • Manage the purchase and sale of refreshments for Club members.

  • Advise the Vice President of any issue where additional help is required.

Special Events

The Special Events Chair produces and develops Cosburn Park special events (except tournaments, open houses, and general meetings). The SE Chair works closely with the Social Chair, the Communications Chair, and the Coaching Chair. As with all committee chairs, the SE Chair reports to the Board of Management.


Increase member engagement and member retention.


  • Plan and produce the President’s Dinner.
  • Develop and execute programming at existing special events (holiday Mondays, Sundae Monday), working with members who currently manage these events.
  • Develop policies and procedures for outside group events at the club (intro to bowls for corporate and similar groups). Work with the Coaching Chair to develop needed volunteer capacity for these events


  • Event planning skills.
  • People skills and diplomacy.


  • Jan.–May: Plan special events. Work with Communications Chair to plan promotions. Work with Coaching Chair to develop policies for outside group events.
  • May–Oct: Produce special events as they occur. Plan and produce President’s Dinner.
  • Oct.–Dec: Set special events calendar for following year.
Sponsorship & Development

The Sponsorship & Development Chair manages and develops Cosburn Park’s sponsorship program and sources additional revenue through government and other grants. The S&D Chair works closely with the Treasurer, the Tournaments Chair, and the Special Events Chair. As with all committee chairs, the S&D Chair reports to the Board of Management.


Increase and stabilize the club’s revenue from sources other than membership fees. Leverage sponsorships to provide other member benefits, such as new or enhanced events, training, member discounts, and merchandise for use as prizes.


  • Manage and maintain existing sponsor relationships.
  • Ensure obligations to sponsors are met.
  • Actively solicit new sponsors, especially when existing sponsors leave.
  • Develop new sponsorship opportunities by identifying existing activities that could appeal to sponsors (such as Holiday Mondays) or new activities that could be made possible through sponsorship.


  • Identify grant opportunities that Cosburn should apply for.
  • If necessary, plan programs (in conjunction with other chairs) as needed to qualify for grants.
  • Write and submit grant applications, coordinating with the Treasurer and other chairs.
  • Maintain records as needed and complete reporting requirements for any grants received.


  • People skills.
  • Sales ability, an understanding of sponsorship marketing, and negotiating skills.
  • Writing, research, and recordkeeping skills.
  • Familiarity with the needs of the club and granting agencies.


  • Jan.–May: confirm existing sponsorship commitments. Invoice and collect fees. Solicit new sponsors. Identify and develop sponsorship opportunities.

  • May–Oct: Connect with sponsors as their events approach. Meet and greet sponsors at events if possible. Ensure obligations to sponsors (signage, recognition, promotion) are met.

  • Oct.–Dec: Report back to sponsors.

  • Grant writing can continue year round, according to the grant application deadlines. Potential sponsors can be approached year round, although most will only commit early in the year and as the bowls season begins.

3. Nomination form

Let Cosburn’s nomination committee know who should be on the ballot this year. The committee will contact your nominee to discuss the position and ask them to accept your nomination.

Who are you nominating?

For which board position?

4. Who’s eligible to vote

Current 2021 full-season members in good standing (paid members) and monthly members in good standing (paid members) as of Sept 1 are eligible to vote.


5. Proxy voting policy

Any member who is unable to vote online and is unable to vote at the club may assign another member as their proxy.

It is the responsibility of the member assigning their proxy vote to inform the election committee of their decision either via email, phone call, or in person. All proxy requests must be received by Saturday October 9th at 4pm



If you have any questions, please contact a member of the election committee:

Pat D’Hondt
George Ferries
Ann Nicholson
Ian Venables

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