We’re having an election

Every year Cosburn members have an opportunity to vote for members of the club’s Board of Directors. Voting begins on Oct. 2, 2023 and ends on Thanksgiving Monday, the final day of the season (Oct. 9, 2023). Nominations close a week before the elections.

Members can vote at the club. We’ll email voting details and instructions to current members.

    1. The positions that are up for election
    2. What each board member does
    3. Nomination form
    4. Who’s eligible to vote
    5. Proxy voting policy

1. Board Positions open for election

At the end of each season, members vote to fill vacant board positions for the following season. This year, all executive positions on the Board of Management are open for election:

  • President
  • Vice-President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer

The President and Treasurer positions are for a two-year term. The initial term for the Vice-President and Secretary positions is one year (see By-law No. 1).


There are eight chair positions on the Board of Management:

  • Coaching
  • Communications
  • Competition (Tournaments)
  • Games
  • Premises
  • Social
  • Special Events
  • Sponsorship & Development

Chairs are elected for a one-year term and may stand for re-election without a term limit. All the chair positions are open for election.

2. Guidelines and job descriptions for board positions

Curious about what board members do? Whether you’re planning to run or just want background to help make an informed voting decision, these general guidelines give an outline of each position.

Executive positions


As President, your job is to lead the club now and help Cosburn build for the future. The President chairs member and board meetings, speaks at many tournaments and other events, and is the primary club spokesperson and representative. As the public face of Cosburn, you’ll work on relationship-building and advocacy with government officials, sponsors, the lawn bowling community and other organizations.

It’s not all glamour and politics; there’s club business to conduct and documents to sign. You provide leadership to the Club by overseeing the development and execution of the club’s operational plan; ensure the business of the club is conducted in accordance with the By-laws and applicable legislation; and serve as an ex-officio member of all committees.

As a member of the Executive, you assist and support all Board members in the day-to-day administration of the affairs of the club, including the recruitment of volunteers to support all club activities. Members will approach you with questions, suggestions, compliments and complaints; you may occasionally have to stickhandle difficult issues within the club. The President is one of four Officer positions on the Board with signing authority.


Vice President

The Vice-President will preside over all Cosburn Executive and membership meetings in the absence of the President. During the President’s absence, the Vice-President will assume all Presidential duties. As a member of the Executive you assist and support all Board members in the day-to-day administration of the affairs of the club, including the recruitment of volunteers to support all club activities. Additionally, the Vice-President will chair the House Committee, which is responsible for maintaining the club house in a good state of repair and cleanliness for the enjoyment of all members and visitors. The Vice-President is one of four Officer positions on the Board with signing authority.


The Treasurer is responsible for maintaining the club’s financial records, collecting membership fees, issuing payments to suppliers, reconciling the bank accounts, preparing financial statements, overseeing the annual audit, and preparing all financial regulatory and government reports. They do the club’s banking, invest the reserve funds in accordance with the club’s investment policy, and maintain the club’s insurance coverage. With the assistance of the Membership Committee, they compile the OLBA membership reports. The Treasurer should have some bookkeeping experience and is one of four Officer positions on the Board with signing authority.


The Secretary is responsible for keeping accurate records of all Board and Membership meetings, and coordinates responses to all inquiries received by the club through various means of communication. The Secretary is also responsible for notifying members of any meetings and preparing and distributing agendas. The Secretary will complete all non-financial regulatory and government reports and retain custody of all official records of the Club except for the financial ones. Lastly, the Secretary will deliver all minutes and records to their successor upon appointment. The Secretary is one of four Officer positions on the Board with signing authority.

Board of Management positions


Coaches are Cosburn’s ambassadors—often a coach is the first person a new member meets at the club. The Coaching Chair leads a team of coaches, who teach prospective, new and returning members, and chairs the Rating Committee, which assigns draw card colours to members. The Coaching Chair also organizes member development clinics, coach training and instruction for competitive bowlers—although the chair may not always lead the instruction for these services. The Coaching Chair evaluates the games equipment i.e. rakes, bowls, slings, assistive devices etc. to ensure they are in proper working order.


The Communications Chair produces and manages communications to members, the public, and the media, using the website, Bowling Matters, social media, email and print. The Communications Chair should have some Web skills, including familiarity with applications such as WordPress and Mailchimp. The Communications Chair works closely with volunteers from the club to produce Bowling Matters, as well as the Secretary, the Special Events Chair, and the Tournament Chair.

Competition (Tournaments)

The Competition (Tournaments) Chair coordinates the competitive tournaments at the club. They recruit tournament drawmasters and coordinate team registration, scoring and prizes on the day of tournaments. Together with other volunteers, they will work with the Communications Chair, Premises Chair, Social Chair and Sponsorship & Development Chair to run successful tournaments. The Chair will also appoint representatives for district and OLBA tournament meetings as required.



The Games Chair schedules club games for the season and works with volunteers to organize drawmasters for the weekly jitneys as well as games on statutory holidays and in-club events. It’s an essential role at the club: well-run jitneys keep Cosburn members engaged in our sport. The Games Chair will organize teams for events such as the East York Challenge. and will run any in-club competitions.

Premises (Greens & Grounds)

Along with our members, the greens are Cosburn’s most important asset. The Premises Chair—who is ideally both “lawn-proud” and can handle some light physical labour—coordinates greens care with our greenskeeper (a contractor hired by the club), the City of Toronto’s Golf Course Team and a team of member volunteers. Most importantly, you’ll recruit and lead volunteers who regularly monitor and adjust the irrigation system, rotate rink markers, repair divots and damaged sections of the greens, weed the ditches, and maintain the club’s equipment sheds and gardens.

You’ll work closely with the Tournaments, Games and Special Events Chairs to ensure the greens are cut, rolled and set up for tournaments and special events. You’ll report any issues with the grounds or City facilities to Cosburn’s contacts within the City. At the end of the season, you’ll coordinate any required maintenance and winter storage of the club’s equipment.


The Social Chair recruits and manages volunteers for the kitchen and related set-up, for events at the club including tournaments, general meetings, as well as holiday and other special events. This includes arranging for refreshments, purchasing food, as well as scheduling volunteers to help with set-up, service and clean-up where needed. The Social Chair also oversees the operation of the drink fridge and any fundraising draws at tournaments and club events.

Special Events

The Special Events Chair plans and executes in-club events that complement our regular bowling activities, promote member engagement and build club spirit. Whether it’s making new members feel welcome or long-time members feel valued, this person helps make the club more than just a place for bowls. The Special Events Chair works closely with other volunteers as well as the Social Chair, the Communications Chair, and the Coaching Chair.

Sponsorship & Development

The Sponsorship & Development Chair manages and develops Cosburn Park’s sponsorship program, solicits donations from local businesses, and may help the Executive source additional revenue through government and other grants. Sponsorship also builds Cosburn’s profile in our community. The Sponsorship & Development Chair works closely with other Board members to manage and maintain existing sponsor relationships, while actively seeking new ones.

3. Nomination form

Let Cosburn’s nomination committee know who should be on the ballot this year. The committee will contact your nominee to discuss the position and ask them to accept your nomination.

Who are you nominating?

For which board position?

4. Who’s eligible to vote

Current full members (including full-season and monthly members) and associate members, who are in good standing (paid members) as of Sept 1 are eligible to vote.


5. Proxy voting policy

Any member who is unable to vote at the club may assign another member as their proxy.

It is the responsibility of the member assigning their proxy vote to inform the election committee of their decision in writing via email or in person. All proxy requests must be received by Saturday October 7, at 4pm.



If you have any questions, please contact a member of the election committee:

George Ferries
Judy Hemming
Colleen Neely
Ian Venables