Update: Up to four bowlers per rink

Book a rink with your friends and bowl together again.

Step 1: Renew your membership


Step 2: Book a rink


Step 3: Pack your bowls bag

Don’t forget: a mask 

a teatowel, a pen, and a water bottle.

More COVID-19 details

Safe bowling, everyone

We’re experts in lawn bowling, not pandemics or infection control, but we’ve developed some club rules and recommendations—based on advice from Toronto Public Health—to help protect our members and our community. These will be updated as circumstances change, so please always follow our safety volunteers’ instructions while at Cosburn Park Lawn Bowling Club.

Before you bowl

If you have any symptoms of COVID-19, have been in contact with anyone who has COVID-19, or have been out of the country in the past 14 days, do not bowl. Please always follow the advice of healthcare professionals.

Before coming to the club, always use the Ontario government’s self-assessment tool.

Consider your risk. Toronto Public Health continues to recommend that anyone over 70 should self-isolate. As well, members should assess their own health risks to decide if lawn bowling is appropriate for you at this time.

Come prepared. There will be a few extra steps to take before you step on the greens.

Bring your bowls with you, along with an old teatowel to use as a mat.

Bring a pen; you’ll need to sign the OLBA’s COVID Declaration each time you come to the club. You’ll need your own water bottle because the club fridges will be closed and we won’t be selling any beverages.

All bowlers must have a mask and must wear it in common areas—including in the clubhouse, on the verandah, and near the club gates. You may remove your mask on the greens, as long as you maintain physical distancing.

Bring a positive attitude. The club will, by necessity, feel a little more formal and bureaucratic. We must now meet requirements set out by the City, Toronto Public Health, and the OLBA.

We’re not following these new procedures just because they’re required; we really want to do whatever we can to ensure a safe environment. For example, you must book a rink in advance—you can go online to reserve a rink as late as the evening before you want to bowl. Since we need accurate records for possible contact tracing, both Toronto Public Health and the OLBA require that we have an online booking system.

When you arrive, you’ll need to check in with a Cosburn safety volunteer, who will confirm that you are symptom-free, remind you of club policies, and assign you a rink. The volunteers are looking out for everyone’s safety, so we ask that you follow their instructions.

In the clubhouse

No one will be spending much time in the clubhouse—access will be strictly limited. But when you are inside, we need you to be especially vigilant about maintaining physical distancing and avoiding surface contamination. You may go into the clubhouse to wash your hands, use the washrooms, get bowls, and return them. On the other hand, if you feel like hanging out inside, chatting with your friends, or fixing a snack in the kitchen—sorry, but not at this time.

To maintain physical distancing, the washrooms may be used by one person at a time. Wash your hands.

If you use club bowls, please only touch your own bowls and holder. We encourage you to use our bowls washing stations before you bowl, and you must wash your club bowls before returning them.

Members who store their own bowls at the club can use a locker—but if you can take your bowls home, that’s better for everyone. You may go your locker only to get your bowls; please don’t spend any time there. Whenever you use your locker, avoid touching other lockers.

On the greens

Cosburn members can now bowl together—up to four bowlers per rink, as long as you maintain physical distancing and avoid touching your rink partner’s bowls or other equipment. Since mats are difficult to disinfect between bowlers; use your own teatowel instead. Kicking your bowls, instead of using a rake, is an easy way to avoid surface contamination. Avoid touching anyone else’s bowls or other gear.

This probably all seems like a lot to remember and do, but everything is based on the simple principles we’ve learned in the past few months: wash your hands, maintain physical distancing, and avoid surface contamination. We will try to make it as easy and painless as possible. Once you visit the club a couple of times, we hope it will seem like a minor inconvenience. Then we can all get back to the fun part: lawn bowling.