Club games (jitneys) for Cosburn members

■ 1 pm

■ 7 pm

■ 10 am women’s jitney
■ 7 pm Toronto Rainbowlers LGBT+ jitney

■ 1 pm
■ 7 pm

■ 1 pm

Members: To play in a jitney, arrive about 10-15 minutes before the game starts, check in, and leave your draw card on the drawmaster’s desk.

There’s no need to book a spot for a jitney; just be sure to check in.

Members log in here to book a rink, an event spot, or another service.

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Play or practise on your own

Use the club during non-jitney times. Members, log in to book a rink here.

Special events at Cosburn

Members, log in to reserve a spot for special events that require booking in advance.

Book the club’s large-screen TV

Members, log in to book the club TV to watch the game or the big finale with fellow Cosburn members. There’s a wide selection of sports—including bowls—and other channels.

  • Any member may watch your show with you.
  • Please keep the volume at a reasonable level and respect other members in the club.
  • You may book the TV for a maximum of three hours each day.

Need to cancel or reschedule a booking? Click here

Not a member? You can learn the basics of bowling free

Learn the basics of lawn bowling in our free, fun 45-minute session. One of our trained club coaches will help you learn how to deliver the bowl smoothly, what the little white ball is for, and why the bowls never travel in a straight line—and why that’s a good thing.

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