Getting into the club

We encourage members to make full use of the club, even when there’s no scheduled jitney or other club event. Here’s how:


The lockboxes

There is a lockbox on the Durant Avenue gate and on the main clubhouse door. To open the lockboxes, you need the code. If you plan to bowl or use the clubhouse outside of jitney hours, please speak to one of the board members, who will give you the code and show you how to use the lockboxes.

Checking in

After opening the clubhouse, please check in. Use your membership card or your draw card to scan your QR code, and then submit the check-in form. 

The tablet is always on and will wake up when it detects movement; scanning the card should be exactly the same as at any jitney. If you have any trouble with the tablet, you can write your name and arrival time in the log book next to the tablet.

Opening the sheds

The rakes, sheets and mats are in two of the sheds. The key for these sheds is in the kitchen key cabinet (on the wall, just inside the main kitchen door).

Security cameras

The club has security cameras outside, directed at the clubhouse entrances and the sheds, and inside on the main floor.

Closing up

If you are the last person to leave the club, at any time during the day or evening, you must first:

  • put away equipment
  • lock the sheds
  • turn off the lights (except the porch light)
  • be sure the clubhouse doors are locked behind you and the keys are back in the lockbox
  • lock the Durant Avenue gate as you leave

Good housekeeping

We really want members to use and enjoy the clubhouse as much as possible. But we need everyone to be responsible for keeping it clean, tidy and organized.

Treat the clubhouse like a national park. Leave it in a little better shape than when you arrived.

  • Put any items you took out, including tables and chairs, back where they belong.
  • Clean up any mess you made.
  • Take a few minutes to clean something in the clubhouse. Cleaning supplies and the vacuum are in the kitchen, opposite the stove.

The main rule for anyone using the clubhouse: Clean up after yourself.