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In 1929, a small group living near Cosburn and Coxwell Avenues organized what has now become Cosburn Park Lawn Bowling Club, under the sponsorship of the East York Township Council. Originally, the women’s and men’s groups operated separately. The first female president was Mrs. Grant Jack, while the men’s group functioned under Reeve R.M. Leslie. The first annual pre-season dinner and dance was held at R.H. McGregor School, on Coxwell at Sammon, on May 19, 1930.

By 1935, there were fourteen female members and a somewhat larger male membership. The original clubhouse—actually a shed, with no heating or other facilities—was on the same site as the current clubhouse.

The shed didn’t last long. In 1937, a new clubhouse was built by the members, using materials scrounged from various people. In 1952, the women held a bazaar in the fall and regular euchre games during the winter, raising $1,250 (the equivalent of about $12,000 today). This money paid for the verandah. In 1971, the Borough of East York renovated the present building to create the clubhouse we have today.

The total membership of the club in 1939 was 63. By 1948, it had grown to 115; by 1978, the membership rose to 256.

Cosburn Park Lawn Bowling Club is currently in our 91st year, and we have almost 200 members of different ages, backgrounds, interests, and talents. The club is growing in numbers again, and there’s a spirit of optimism and enthusiasm that’s catching. We hope you’ll join us too.



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Sandy Johnson

Sandy Johnson


Kevin Boyce

Kevin Boyce

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Nancy Lord


Joanne Hamill

Joanne Hamill


Sandi Wingrove

Tournaments Chair

Martin Zibauer

Martin Zibauer

Communications Chair

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