We’ve heard from some members that they aren’t receiving all of our emails. That’s not good—we know you like to be up to date on what’s happening at your club.

This year we created a new easy-to-remember web domain, cosburnbowls.ca, with consistent email addresses (ending in @cosburnbowls.ca) for most club committees. Because your personal email client (whether Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo or something else) isn’t yet familiar with @cosburnbowls.ca addresses, it may filter our emails.

Essentially, your email client is trying to protect you from possible spam. We are tweaking our emails to avoid spam filters.

You can help too by explicitly signalling that you do indeed want to see our emails.

4 ways to ensure you see our emails

1. Add info@cosburnbowls.ca to your email contact list, “safe sender,” or “allow” list.
This tells your email client that you want to stay in touch with us.

2. Check your spam folder or junk folder
If you check your spam or junk email folder and you see a Cosburn email, unmark it as spam or move it back to your inbox. This is similar to liking a friend’s Facebook post; you’ll start to see more content from that friend.

3. Create a mail filter
Filters, also called mail rules, tell your email client exactly how you want certain emails to be handled. They’re a little more complicated to set up, but are very effective.

4. Sign up again for emails
Especially if you changed your email address recently, you can update our mailing list by opting in again. Just use the form below

For detailed instructions for your own email client, click on these links:

• Gmail
• Outlook
• Hotmail
• Apple Mail
• Yahoo
• Sympatico and Bell mail
• Rogers